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26th-Jun-2009 09:52 pm - Feedback
wonder party

if i bougth something from you, or you did from me, leave me feedback here, please. thank you

previous feedback:

LJ: http://strawberry-cute.livejournal.com/1131.html
12th-Apr-2009 06:19 pm(no subject)
Sorry,  this journal is friends only.Comment if you want to be added.

please, tell me this:
--Where did you find me?
--Why do you want to add me?
--Tel l me something we have in common

I want to know who read my Lj, so please comment if you want to be added! but don't get angry  if I've decided to not add you;

if you want to know more about me, clic my profile!

-This Account is currently inactive, if you wish to contact me you can at my current blog http://www.intravenous-sugar.com/ or my tumblr
ilovemypotionsmaster.tumblr.com -
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