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♪ Golden Slumbers ♫

Ultil the very end

Lessie, Noblesse oblige
Sorry,  this journal is friends only.Comment if you want to be added.

please, tell me this:
--Where did you find me?
--Why do you want to add me?
--Tel l me something we have in common

I want to know who read my Lj, so please comment if you want to be added! but don't get angry  if I've decided to not add you; 

♥name ~ Lessie
age ~ 19
occupation ~ student
location ~ Buenos Aires, Argentina

family ~ mom, dad, brother and my lovely cat, alice

zodiac sign ~ Capricorn

height ~156 cm

eye color ~ brown
hair color ~ brown

piercings ~ none

tattoos ~ none

style – Lolita, GG inspired lol

fav. brand ~ Angelic Pretty, Emily Temple Cute , babytssb, CH, Betsy Jhonson
fav. japanese street fashion styles ~ lolita, the awesome style that women in the big citys have

fav. magazine ~ G&L bible, Alice deco, VOGUE

fav. color ~ blue -green

fav. pattern ~ tartan all the way, and dots.
other things I like in fashion : high fashion, haute couture, high heels, printed stocking, big hair, runways, bags, make up. past fashions, vintage.
fav. garments ~ shoes, socks, bags

hoby ~ sewing, reading, shopping

music ~ rock (such as the the Beatles, queen , etc) Jrock, National rock from the 60-70

fav. food ~ meat. Basically lol. But I eat almost everything.

fav. drink ~ iced tea with lemmon

fav. book ~ harry potter. I’ve read it since I was like 10? I waited 6 years, to see the end, I grown up with it. Is my life.
Sport~ Soccer, BOO IS FUTBOL. Im a CABJ (club atletico boca juniors) fan.
Tvshows~ Gossip girl, Desperate Housewives, What not to wear, dr house, law and order, bib ban theory, friends, two and a half men, lie to me, sex and the city..lots lots lots more
A country- England. Forever. I LOVE all of it. ♥
Others: history, politics, weird stuff

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